Operating and levelling elements

Leveling elements

Leveling foot

Adjustable feet of different sizes and quality help to balance the unevenness of the floor. Depending on the design, they can capture vibrations and prevent sliding of aggregates and machines.

Operating elements


The hinges provide the possibility of fixing doors, shutters, lids and cabinets in the manufacture of machines and equipment.

Knobs and Handles

Handles and knobs allow manual fixation and grip. Locking knobs have good tactile properties. Large number of structural shapes for the most diverse space conditions and clamping forces that can be visibly positioned. Ideal for manufacturing machines, tools, equipment, testing and medical equipment.

Clamping levers

Clamping levers are designed for manual adjustment when fastened and clamped. Eccentric levers are ideally suited for fast fixation. This product group is characterized by a variety of design variants, materials and colors. These classical elements are used in the manufacture of machines, tools and equipment.

Ratchet Handle

Handlebars of various sizes and designs make it easy to handle stand and equipment. Suitable for the manufacture of machines, tools and equipment.


Handwheels for positioning and precise adjustment of shafts and spindles. The use of handwheels for manual operation is recommended for long setting paths. Handhelds are used for measuring instruments, test units, shipbuilding, armaments, machine and equipment manufacturing.