Online orders

"Retaining rings – circlips"

"O-rings, gaskets"

"Rotary shaft oil seal, dumpers, belts, hydraulics and pneumatics seals, bearings, hose clamps"

These addresses include international eshops, with prices in USD, including VAT. Upon request, an invoice can be issued in CZK or EUR.

How to order in e-shop:

1. You must be a registered user of ebay. If you are not such a user, you must complete this registration.

2. Visit our eshop to find the item you want. After the item is clicked, make an order. Repeat this procedure to order all required items. To order, you must be logged in to ebay.

3. Payment options:

  • • Through paypal, this payment can be made immediately after ordering. Please check if you have only charged one handling fee.
  • • Through the proformainvoice - after subscribing to all the items, contact us to request a proformainvoice. Indicate if it is to be quoted in USD or in CZK (conversion according to the current CNB exchange rate).

4. Please write into note, if you want an invoice in CZK or USD. Conversion of USD / CZK according to the CNB's current exchange rate. Provide delivery address. Provide a contact phone to reach you.

5. 5. After delivery, we ask for feedback on eBay. If you have any questions, please contact us.