Clamping and locking elements

Clamping elements

Amongst the clamping technique we include hose clamps of various designs, fixing clamps, cable tie plastic and cantinuous band roll in metrage.

We offer quality products from the Italian company GeTech, KIUDO production set.

Hose clamps

Hose clamps are an ideal helper for connecting hoses in the automotive, household, medical, engineering, agricultural, etc. Hose clamps are also used in the production of utility vehicles as well as in other areas with high mechanical loads. Hose clamps are especially useful where there is a need for uniform hose compression, a large clamping range is required and where a hose is needed. We offer hose clips in the following materials: W1 - galvanized belt and carter; W2 - stainless steel band and carter, galvanized screw; W4 - all stainless steel and in different types, for cross and flat screwdriver.

Fixing clamps

Fixing clamps are ideal for clamping pipes, cables or cable harnesses. Cable ties are also suitable for cable fixation, agriculture, industry and many household applications.

Infinite tightening bands

Continuous band roll in the metrage we offer endless with extruded thread, length 30 m, width 9 mm, locks are snap-on and for easier application tape is in the case. And an infinite perforated tape 25 m long, band width 8 and 14 mm. The endless tape with locks allows to produce hose clamps of any diameter. Stainless steel versions W2 and W4.

Set of clamping system

This kit allows flexible rubber and plastic hoses, large diameter hoses and a lot of strained hoses to be fitted, can also be used to fix road signs, etc. To this system you need a TMK1 tool that allows the tape to be installed by pressing and shortening to the desired length.


For easy use of clamping technology, we also offer adequate tools. TMK1 clamping system, screwdriver for clamps, pliers for two ears clips and gun for nylon ties.

Locking elements

We offer toggle latches in various types and materials. Toggle latches serve as a simple closing technology for covers, cladding and containers in the construction of machines, equipment, aggregates and tanks.

Toggle latches

Clamping clamps for secure clamping and closing of flaps, tank lids, machine covers and the like. Exceeding the dead point holds firmly even with vibrations. Clamping force is created by tensioning the caliper. The clamping clips can be screwed or bent. Available also lockable design with eye for lock.

Adjustable toggle latches

Adjustable clamping clips serve as a safe closing system for industrial applications. Exceeding the dead point holds firmly even with vibrations.

E.g. Adjustable clamps with clamping hooks cause tolerances to be adjusted by means of a movable clamping hook. After hooking the clamping hook in the counterpart, the parts to be joined can be tightened by up to 15 mm by tensioning the handle. To adjust tolerances and create sufficient tension, the clamping hook can be adjusted by turning it. The clamping clips can be screwed or bent. Clamping clamps with a flexible clamp serve for securely holding and closing flaps, tank lids, machine covers, and the like. The fastening force is created by tensioning the elastic bracket.