Shaft couplings, bellows and air springs

Shaft couplings DUNFLEX, PERIFLEX

Periflexes or shaft couplings are used to flexibly couple two shafts and transfer torque from one to the other. Made of natural rubber and reinforced with viscose fibers. Custom periflexes from chloroprene compounds can also be provided if anti-static or increased fire resistance is required.

Their main function is to eliminate the effects of uneven and impact drive operation. The periflexes can accommodate the current maximum deflection in all planes without unduly burdening the bearings. Excellent damping properties of the Periflexes reduce vibration and torsional oscillations.

HRC clutch

These are semi-flexible couplings that allow easy installation with the Taper Busch system. The extraordinary design of HRC couplings makes it possible to attach them to large shaft diameters. The advantage is that these clutches are able to absorb a greater degree of deflection. These couplings are especially suitable for combustion and electric motors, steam and water turbines and steam engines.

JAW clutch

Just like the HRC clutch, this JAW clutch is semi-flexible and ensures flexible coupling of two shafts and transmission of torque from one to the other. Thanks to the full clutch, it also allows electrical isolation of individual shafts.


Flexible flanges are used to attach the flexible couplings to the shafts. These are available in several versions.


These are protective resilient elements that protect components (eg springs) from external influences - especially dust, splashing water, corrosion, etc. It increases the viability of the sealing elements. They can also be used as elastic joints between two components. Thresholds can absorb radial and axial movements. It also serves to protect people from rotating parts of the machine. They can also be used as cable glands.

Made mainly from NBR or CR rubber. Teflon bellowes are also available and bellows can also be ordered from other materials.

Air springs

These are air springs. The air springs serves as an anti-vibration element of the elastic storage system. They are especially used to isolate vibrations and shocksair springs can be found on road and rail vehicles (suspension of seats and axles), textiles, conveyors, hammers, laboratory equipment, etc.

The complete air springs consists of a rubber-coated body, two clamping foot rings, a top lid with air inlet, a lower lid and rings between the waves. The lids are designed to be attached to the cranked and unscrewed part of the machine or vehicle.